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Urns for Ashes & Cremation Urns for Sale

Making the decision to be cremated is a huge undertaking and there are several things to consider before adding it to your will. Will the ashes and remains be buried? Will they be divided up for loved ones to keep as a cherished memory? What type of urn would be best for your needs? Funeral urns for ashes can be decorative and expressive or very simple and basic. When compared to a traditional casket and burial plot, the cost of cremation and eternal internment in an cremation urn is the most affordable option for most people.

Preparing for cremation requires paperwork and planning. Choosing your urn is part of the process and relieves the family members from the laborious task of having to pick a style, theme or design. This information can be added to a living will or Power of Attorney attachment. Having this stated clearly as your final decree allows you options and choices. A singular burn where only one body is cremated at a time or a less expensive cremation of several bodies at once. Working with a funeral planner or coordinator can make the task of picking out a cremation urn a less daunting task.

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Containers for Cremated Ashes

Picking out a cremation urn for display purposes or a container for created ashes can be one part of the mourning process; if done before the passing it can allow family members an adjustment period. This is particularly helpful for people who have a terminal illness. Funeral urns come in a variety of sizes and styles; they can be made of marble, glass, clay, wood or metal. The basic cremation urns have a simple design to them but can be personalised with the deceased name, birth and death date as well as a saying or verbal memento.

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Cremation Urns UK & Ashes Keepsake

If you are considering cremation for your loved one or beloved pet, our company has some of the finest funeral urns available on the market today at reasonable prices.  On this website you will have access to a wide variety of cremation urns in wood, marble, wood & marble, ceramic, biodegradable, metal and metal alloys such as bronze, aluminium, pewter, silver coated, gold coated and combinations thereof from which to choose.  In addition, we also have keepsake boxes, urn medallions (plaques), burial vaults and granite markers available for purchase.  We are confident our products will be a fitting tribute to your loved one or beloved pet.  Continue browsing for more details on selection, sizing and price.


Keepsake and decorative funeral urns are becoming more and more popular. With the average funeral cost of over £5,000.00, more and more people are choosing cremation and purchasing a decorative urn for ashes instead of a casket or mausoleum internment. Custom crafted funeral urns or ashes container may cost a little more but they will be a one of a kind item. All cremation urns are professionally sealed to protect the contents but they can be opened if a transfer to another container is needed.

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